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Chapter 1 - Building an Empire Chapter 2 - Schmoozing Chapter 3 - Parallel Personality
Parallel Personality
The best part of leaving the system is getting to be whoever the heck you want. I always wanted to be a DJ, and I’m living the dream. What’s your dream? Do you want to kick it super, secret agent style? Wield dual pistols and fling knives, looking all mysterious in a turned-up trench coat while wearing sunglasses at night? Or are you the more subtle type? The kind that likes to deal, negotiate, maybe tell some shadowed whispers into the ear of your “friends” only to stab them in the back? Whatever your thing is, the augments and technology exist for you to be it.
There’s a wide range of things to accomplish, and aside from a few modification slots that you’ll fill for an archetypal skillset, you can customize any way you like. Still, the archetype mods are a smooth and important part of life. Here are some of your options:
Masters of speed and guile, Assassins are bladed tornados that rip through swathes of enemy resistance. Between the massive boost to speed granted by leg tissue enhancements and the weapon control software suites, Assassins are a force best kept at bay or completely away. It’s never long before an Assassin reaches for his weapon and someone dies.
Quick themselves, Sharp Shooters are hit-and-run and long-range specialists. Guerilla warfare processors allow them to determine the best shot and fall-back point at any given time. The result is a quick sniper, as evasive as he is deadly. Sharpshooters are sometimes referred to as lightning, given that they never need to shoot the same target twice.
The best bodyguards on this side of Apex, you can call the Sentinel a callback to the good ol’ days of my friend Rockin’ Brown. He has a fist of steel and a fist of iron, both equally deadly. What’s worse is that there’s virtually no way to take a Sentinel down. They’re almost as human as an Apex lawyer—their cyber armor integrates with their biological systems to form a true juggernaut.
Taking out the enemy might a little rough for some of you out there, but I’ll give you the low down on some of the best augments for taking out pesky critters and dealing with Apex itself. After a while you’ll gain enough experience and power to upgrade your augments, so pay attention, this is some exciting stuff.
Agent Augments
Now these Agent Augments are hot off the Black Market, and a few points in these are going to exponentially increase your viability in combat by sixteen tons. From the TLL Radio Module to the Light-Bending Field, Agent Augments make you a whirlwind of throwing knives, feinting, and a long-ranged killer to boot.
Cybernetic Charge
This heavy, armor-based modification will set you upon your enemies with furious rage and lock them in place while you pummel them with heavy, close-ranged weapons. Not for the faint of heart, a Cybernetic Charge mod places you directly in harm’s way. Still, those with the courage to face-down an enemy at point-blank can’t get better firepower these days.
Collateral Damage
Collateral Damage mods place just about everything around you in danger at any given time. All of your swings will strike with such force that targets nearby will suffer some of the ill effects as well. Not only that but enhanced targeting modules will optimize your long-ranged shots to effect as many foes as possible.
That’s just a small slice of the pie, if you pay attention to your modifications you’ll be living easy.
For the heavy armor fans, we’ve got Cyber Armor. It integrates with your very flesh and bone to make you one heckuva tough guy. I think a good ol’ model 2110 truck could hit you with Cyber Armor on and you’d barely flinch. Kevlar is a good mixture of protection and maneuverability, as it doesn’t lock up your joints the way Cyber Armor can in a pinch. Still, I wouldn’t recommend hitting yourself with a truck. Agent Armor is for the fast, reflex-capable warriors out there. It allows for full movement but offers the user little protection aside from small arms fire.
Killing power? Oh I hardly think I need to talk about killing power. We’ve got all the killing power you could possibly need in the underground, and if we don’t, you can even manufacture it yourself. Pistols, knives—both throwing and regular, shotguns, blades, and even the spectacular Molotov cocktail are all readily available if you know where to look.
Swag is exactly that, the smooth-talking, beautiful, handsome, loving, fighting, whatever-you-name-it awesomeness. As though there weren’t enough options out there already, my station offers some of the best-looked equipment out there. The swagger is completely cosmetic; any of my sweet gear stands up to the generic Apex equipment vis-à-vis. If you want to get yourself truly decked out, though, stay tuned for my radio broadcasts.
Checking your influence on buildings isn’t the only way to know how far world has spread about your exploits. 108.9 nHz “The Radioactive Frequency” keeps track of all of your exploits so you can compare your actions against others. Find out who’s the biggest threat to Apex, who’s got the most dough, or who’s been visiting a few too many gentlemen’s joints in the past week with the click of a single button. It’s beautiful, check it out.
Chapter 1 - Building an Empire Chapter 2 - Schmoozing Chapter 3 - Parallel Personality
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