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Building an Empire
Hello and welcome late-night listeners, you’re listening to 108.9 nHz, “The Radioactive Frequency.” This is the DJ with all the after-hours news your body has room for. Let’s turn first to the surging trends domestically. Apex, you think you know them, but they’ve got some sordid happenings behind the scenes. I’m going to tell you all about defeating these crooked cats and how you can evade the Heat to get rich quick.
That’s right, by the time I’m through with you, you’re gonna be a lean, mean, choppin’ machine.
Registering Your Account
More than ever, the world needs somebody to shake up the system and kick these oppressors off of our heels. The Apex fat cats, sitting up in their ivory towers, could get knocked down a peg or two. Let’s get your account registered and then we can take the fight to where it belongs: the streets.
There are a ton of criminals out there just waiting to get their hands on Apex, so make sure you stand apart. Choose a unique nickname and get the thugs envious.
Ladies, gentlemen, it’s really not important as long as you can take out Apex.
Don’t worry, 108.9 doesn’t fill your email with spam, unlike those other brainwash-stations.
Make sure it can’t be cracked, we live in a dangerous world these days.
Entering Parallel Mafia
There’s a lot going on in the world, between the Apex oppressors and the righteous freedom fighters bringing chaos to the streets. Now that you’ve been registered in the system, you’ll be ready to take on the world.
In Parallel Mafia, you can take the fight anywhere. I’m talkin’ China to New York to Bangladesh. Thanks to Deconstructors, we can reassemble you anywhere in the globe right next to your friends or an important place you’d like to visit. Like always with Apex technology, some restrictions apply. Thankfully, we’ve got the proper cracks. We’ll have you running free in no time, and what you choose to do is up to you. Knock over a bank, blow up a building, gun down some Apex Informants, run the streets. In no time at all, this city is gonna be ours. I’ll have some more specific instructions for you waiting once you meet me on the net.
Gang Wars
Now let’s be straight, not all of the freedom fighters have the same vision of a perfect world. That’s just the way I like it. You might clash with a couple of them from time to time, but don’t worry. The DJ’s right behind you. I’m gonna lay out the tools you need to take down other gangsters and Apex alike. Let the strongest survive.
One of the most important things in the world is cash. It makes the world go around, no matter who you are. If you want cash and respect, you’ll need to build and take over fronts. Fronts are simple to build, it’s just a matter of gathering some basic materials and putting them together--taking them over is a little more complicated. Every job you do while visiting a building will raise your reputation around the neighborhood. Eventually, people will start to fear you and respect you. Once you have the clout, the building will become yours. Beware, other gangsters have the same idea and you’ll inevitably be struggling against others for control of the sweetest territory.
Unfortunately it’s not just late night wannabes you’re up against. It’s Apex’s thugs and some street folk so rattled by what’s going on they’ve lost their ability to reason. Top that off with security drones and some rather odd genetic mishaps, and you’re in for a wild ride. Stronger people attract stronger Enemies, so be careful out there and try to keep an eye out.
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