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Credits are an important resource in Parallel Mafia. Credits are used to Level Up, pimp out your character, and more.
Earning Credits
Credits can be earned in-game through selling items in the Global Market or referring friends to play with your Referral Code.
Purchasing Credits
Credits can be purchased in-game by selecting the Credits option from the Menu. You can also purchase Credits through the website [here]. Many payment options are available including credit cards, PayPal, and even gift cards.
Using Credits
You can Level Up your character whenever your blue experience bar is full - simply tap the bar and select Level Up. You may also customize your character by visiting a Surgery Center in game.
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Having a Platinum Membership opens up a handful of additional bonuses, all of which are very powerful. Platinum can be used to create a number of equipable items, discounts, tokens, and other features. Here's how it works:
Recurring Subscription
Purchase a Platinum Membership to receive Platinum on a recurring basis. With this steady flow, you gain access to exclusive chats, gear, and more. Sign up here!
Month to Month Purchase
Platinum can also be purchased in increments by month, or sold and traded in game. All first time Platinum purchases receive 100 Platinum, and then 10 Platinum per day after that.
Benefits of Platinum
With a subscription, you will gain 10 platinum daily, a special helmet, and access to a member chat channel. In addition, you have the ability to craft special items that reduces the time spent performing certain actions...
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