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Posted by the Radio DJ on 3/10/2014 3:23:18 PM
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As many of you are aware, PerBlue has been unable to give much attention to Parallel Mafia in recent history. With this in mind, we'd like to explain a little about what you should expect going forward and why...
Posted by the Radio DJ on 10/28/2013 4:41:00 PM
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Halloween is here and, unlike last year, Parallel Mafia isn't getting away without some Halloween mischief this year! Whether it be an Apex virus, or horrible little nanobots, something is causing the thugs on the streets to turn into...
Posted by the Radio DJ on 10/2/2013 2:24:50 PM
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Today we're announcing that the content release cycle for Parallel Mafia is improving...
Posted by the Radio DJ on 9/17/2013 4:33:27 PM
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This week's update contains a number of support improvements to speed things up for everyone...
Posted by the Radio DJ on 9/3/2013 4:05:55 PM
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To pair with the previous Class update, the Black Market Dealers have just stockpiled a bunch of new Class Gear. Check below for the latest Medic, Recon, and Juggernaut-themed sets...
Posted by the Radio DJ on 8/21/2013 2:18:52 PM
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The votes were close, but the final tally for the new classes are in! Check out the details on the heal-happy Medic, the nimble Recon Operative, and the unbreakable Juggernaut...
Posted by the Radio DJ on 8/12/2013 1:08:00 PM
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The designs for new Classes have been submitted and so many great possibilities have popped up...
Posted by the Radio DJ on 8/6/2013 4:10:19 PM
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We hope you're ready to jump into earning new Rankings because tomorrow's the day! You've voted on the new Hats you wanted to see and now it's time to duke it out over them...
Posted by the Radio DJ on 8/1/2013 5:07:08 PM
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There's two exciting announcements making their debut today! The first of which comes in the form of new Hat Rankings. Chosen by the Players, we're turning the most voted on Hats from the previous Forum Poll into new Rankings.
Posted by the Radio DJ on 7/25/2013 1:18:48 PM
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Coming soon, you'll be able to battle it out for three brand new Hats! Which new Hats? Well, that's the best part! We're putting the design of these Hats in player hands, giving you the chance to choose the ones that you'll want to try for the most...
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