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The State and Future of Parallel Mafia
As many of you are aware, PerBlue has been unable to give much attention to Parallel Mafia in recent history. With this in mind, we'd like to explain a little about what you should expect going forward and why.

Parallel Mafia is NOT being shut down and there are no plans to do so. We very much intend to keep the game running and making sure that any problems preventing anyone access are fixed. Unfortunately, outside of the small changes we're making below, there will not be any new content or bug fixes coming in the future.

Some may be quick to blame Parallel Kingdom or Greed for Glory for Parallel Mafia's current state, but contrary to that, they both have actually been helping to keep the game updated (Parallel Kingdom) and running (Greed for Glory). So then, why is Parallel Mafia not getting new content or fixes? In all honesty, it cannot cover development costs and this is not a new problem. Parallel Mafia was successful in many ways and holds a special place in the hearts of a number of PerBlue staff, but it ultimately failed to be a financial success.

To elaborate, on top of the original costs to create it, over the last two years, we regularly borrowed from Parallel Kingdom's development to invest more into Parallel Mafia for you all. Ultimately, we had difficulty making up much of these development costs. Please understand that everyone's patronage towards the game has always been greatly appreciated and has certainly helped to keep the game running for the last two years. However, being unable to draw in new users as the mobile game market brought in competition and increased marketing costs, we became completely unable to get fresh faces interested in playing.

With all that said, we have agreed to make a few quick improvements requested in a Forum Thread, but outside of that PM should be considered a "finished product." Tomorrow we will have a quick downtime to add four changes to the game.
  • Medic/Agent Armor HP Bug Fixed
  • Mafia HQs cannot be Repaired without a Level 3 Office nearby
  • Chat Moderating a Player requires 3x the Votes
  • Moderator Exam can be "refreshed/reset" once a day

We sincerely thank everyone for your past and continued support!
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