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Zombies!? On My Streets? Halloween '13!
Halloween is here and, unlike last year, Parallel Mafia isn't getting away without some Halloween havoc! Whether it be an Apex virus, or horrible little nanobots, something is causing the thugs on the streets to turn into...Zombies!? The latest Rep Event tasks you with putting an end to as many of these deformed, stumbling horrors as possible. In addition to this, there's a large batch of improvements to server performance and the moderator system!

Expect a 20 minute downtime tomorrow (10/29/13) at 11AM (CDT) while this new content comes shambling out.


  • Apex has been up to something nefarious lately as the streets are being littered with Zombies!
  • Worse yet, even Players can be turned to Zombies if they're not careful
  • Every time a Zombie attacks someone, their target has a chance to turn into a Zombie too
  • The more protective the Armor, the less likely you will be turned (i.e. Cyber Armor has a much lower chance than Agent Armor)
  • For those in Cyber Armor, make note that Zombification cannot occur during a Cybernetic Charge
  • When Zombified, your speed is locked in at 70 and your Weapons are not used during attacks
  • Your attacks use your Armor's Level
  • Zombification wears off in 3 ways
    • 24 hours pass
    • Zombified Player visits a Hospital (Also making you immune for 4 hours)
    • Zombified Player passes on Zombification to 3 NPCs and/or Players (Also making you immune for 5 minutes)

Zombies!? Rep Event

  • Killing a (NPC) Zombie while not Zombified has a chance to earn Rep
  • This Event starts tomorrow (October 29th) and goes until November 12th!
  • Zombified/Zombie Drive Bonus: Chance on Melee Hit to turn Players into Zombies
    • Effect: +1/+2/+3% chance on Melee Hit to turn Players into Zombies
    • This Bonus does NOT get added to the Bonus Pool until after the Event is over
  • Rep Rewards:
    • Gain 1,000 to 10,000 Cash for each Level
    • Reach Level 3: Gain 1 Kilo Drive with new Bonus
    • Reach Level 5: Gain 1 Mega Drive with new Bonus and 1 Random Bonus
    • Reach Level 7: Gain 1 Giga Drive with new Bonus and 1 Random Bonus
    • Reach Level 10: Get a bunch of Rewards!
      • Gain 1 Tera Drive with the new Bonus and 1 Random Bonus
      • Gain the Zombie Mask (Accessory)
        • Changes Colors based on which Weapon Mod you have on your Armor
      • Gain Title: The Zombie
    • Be in Top 10 Global Rankings:
      • Gain 1 Tera Drive with the new Bonus and Health Bonus
      • Gain Title: The Zombie Slayer
    • Be Ranked 1st in Global Ranking:
      • Gain 1 Tera Drive with the new Bonus and a Bonus of Choice
      • Gain Title: The King, Baby

Halloween '13 Swag

Demons, skulls, chainsaws? Yup, it must be Halloween! (Sale starts 10/29/13 and ends 11/12/13)

Tattered Cloak Armor

A ghastly tattered cloak with a ghostly air about it.
Functions as normal Agent Armor
Cost: 475 Credits

Chainsaw Hand [Knife]

This definitely isn't for chopping down trees.
Functions as a normal Knife
Cost: 500 Credits

Skull Hammer

Perfect for cracking skulls?
Functions as a normal Hammer
Cost: 525 Credits

Dark Spirit Hood

Haunting your friends never looked so good.
Functions as a Hat
Cost: 550 Credits

Demonic Mask (Accessory)

It's the time...of the year!
Functions as an Accessory
Cost: 600 Credits

Additional Changes

  • Adjustments have been made to improve performance in certain areas of the world
  • Overturned Moderators now lose 3 levels and can go to negative -30
  • Moderators who are repeatedly Overturned now automatically lose Moderator Privileges for a variable number of days
  • Moderator Tests now are roughly twice as long but provide higher quality results
  • Each Exam now includes Suspensions that are "Under Review"
    • Under Review Suspensions do not count against your final Exam grade
    • Exams will be shorter if no Suspensions are in review
  • Chat Suspension Durations now build less quickly (hourly intervals)
  • Chat Suspension Overturns now happen more immediately

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