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Parallel Mafia Content Cycle Change! More Testing, Less Bugs!
Today we're announcing that the content release cycle for Parallel Mafia is improving. Below we want to explain the changes, cover a number of questions related to this change, and squash some rumors that have popped up.

How is the Release Cycle changing?

We are moving away from the previous bi-weekly release schedule. New releases will be more fluid going forward to allow us to be more reactive to unexpected bugs and more thorough in content testing. This change should result in higher quality updates, quicker response time, and a more stable game.

What about those Rumors?

There's been a rumor lately that Parallel Mafia is in some way being shut down. This is absolutely false. We have no intention of shutting down Parallel Mafia.

What about Swag releases?

Swag too will be released on a more irregular schedule as it will be released alongside the content updates. The result will be higher quality and more valuable swag all around.

When will the next content update happen?

This month! Late October will come with some new challenges, new Swag, and various bug fixes. You can expect an Update Station Post as well as an in-game message to show up shortly before it's released.

Other questions and concerns? Please let us know in the Forums. We'll try to answer them and get them included in this post for those interested in checking back in.
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