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Player Chat Moderation and Support Improvements!
This week's update contains a number of support improvements to speed things up for everyone. Continuing with the theme of putting control of the game in Player-hands, we're also revamping our Moderator system that essentially lets the entire community dictate when they think something is unacceptable for Chat Channels. Check out the new system and the latest in improvements below!

Expect a 20 minute downtime tomorrow (9/18/13) at 11AM (CST) for these Support improvements.

Chat Filter and Player Moderating

  • A Chat Filter (that can toggled on or off) has been added to replace the Auto-Ban System
  • In addition to this, a new system is being added that allows Players to self-moderate the Chat Channels
  • To gain access to this system, you will need one of the new Clients that are soon to be released
  • Every Player now has a Moderator Level that let's them Moderate Chats at varying degrees of effectiveness
    • Current Moderators will be fostered into this system at max Level and be given special Moderator Hats
  • Reporting Chats
    • Any Player can Moderate a Chat if they feel it was Offensive/Inappropriate
    • Doing so charges the Reporter a number of Moderator Points and each Point counts as a Vote against that Chat
      • The amount of points you have available is defined by your Moderator Level
    • Once the Chat reaches 100 Votes, that Player is Punished (See Below)
    • A Player can not Report the same Chat more than once
  • Chat Punishment
    • Once a Chat reaches 100 Votes, it will visually change to be more grayed out and have a (Suspended) tag in the front
      • At this point, it can not be Reported further
    • The Reported Player is Chat Suspended for a certain amount of time based on their Chat Suspension History
      • If this is the first offense, it is a 5 minute Chat Suspension
      • From then on, the Chat Suspension lasts 3 times longer than their previous one
        • i.e. Suspension 2 is 15 minutes, Suspension 3 is 45 minutes, etc.
        • Maxes out at 48 hours
        • After 48 hours without Punishment, Chat Suspension history is cleared
    • This Chat (Automatically Filtered) is added to the Moderator Exam Queue and will be subject to be Overturned
  • Command Post Moderator Exam
    • Inside Command Posts, Players will find the option to "Take Moderator Exam"
      • This can be done once a day regardless of if you Pass or Fail
      • For each Question you get right, you will earn Cash if you Pass
      • Leaving the Exam and coming back will save your Place
    • Once the Exam is completed, the Player is shown their Results
      • If they Passed, they are awarded their Cash and increase their Moderator Level by 1
      • They cannot take the Exam for 22 hours
  • Overturned Chats
    • A Chat Moderation can be Overturned if Players consistently Vote against it in the Moderator Exam
    • If a Reported Chat is Overturned, the original Reporter is Punished
      • They lose a Moderator Level and all their current Moderator Points
  • Moderator Levels and Points
    • If a Player has not completed a Moderator exam in the last week, they automatically lose a Level
      • The Minimum Level is 1
    • Players have a Point Pool that they expend on Reports
    • Points regenerate each hour and reach a Max based on Level

The Surgeons Swag

The Surgeon Marines are an elusive and ruthless group of soldiers dedicated to scientific progress no matter the cost. (Sale starts 9/18/13 and ends 10/2/13)

Surgeon Marine Kevlar Armor

Surgeon Marines are often nicknamed "Orderlies."
Functions as normal Kevlar Armor
Cost: 475 Credits

Surgeon's Cyber Armor

The little instruments hanging off the sides are mostly just to inspire pure terror.
Functions as normal Cyber Armor

Cost: 500 Credits

Surgeon's Blade

I...don't even know what this is. Just get it away.
Functions as a normal Blade
Cost: 525 Credits

Surgeon Marine Rifle

Comes with a spoonful of sugar.
Functions as a normal Rifle
Cost: 525 Credits

Surgeon Marine Helmet

Rumor has it these are surgically connected to the marine's head.
Functions as a Hat
Cost: 550 Credits

Surgeon Mask (Accessory)

It's way more menacing than it is useful.
Functions as an Accessory
Cost: 600 Credits

Customer Support Changes

To make working with Customer Support a smoother and more efficient experience, we're making a number of changes both to our policies and in-game features. Internally, we are revamping our prioritization process to better solve the most detrimental issues as quickly as possible. We are also improving our support tools and our processes for highlighting the most serious problems and better stopping them at their source. Within the game, we're making a number of changes to how you can interact with Customer Support and how Customer Support handles things related to violations of the Terms of Use.

As another change, we're now requesting that all tickets for Customer Support be created using our special webpage (a mobile page is available). We will slowly be discontinuing and pointing Players towards this page. Submitting requests this way can be examined and solved much faster than sending an email.

Cash Fine System

  • In the event that Players Glitch, Cheat, Violate the Terms, etc. Customer Support will now have the option to apply a Cash Fine relative to the Violation
  • This may be either an alternative form of punishment to Suspensions or happen in addition to a Suspension
  • The Cash Fine takes 50% of any incoming Cash being added to your account until the Fine is paid off
  • While you have a Cash Fine, they cannot Drop / Sell / Briefcase Items
  • The Cash Fine is publicly visible on Profile Page
  • The Cash Fine can be paid off in Full on your Profile Page
  • Every time a Fined Player logs in, a Notification appears to inform them of their remaining Fine
  • This feature does not mean Suspensions (temporary or permanent) are gone as potential punishments for Terms of Use Violations

In-Game Support Requests

  • After the new Clients are released, a new Option will appear in the Settings Menu that will let you easily Submit Tickets and help fill out your Ticket with important information
  • This information will be forwarded to Customer Support and be better prioritized in the Ticket Queue
  • This will require a coming Client update

Additional Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an occasional error when attacking someone/something without Armor
  • Fixed an incorrect error caused by Re-Centering in areas where space does not allow
  • Companion Skill Buffs are now removed when the Companion is sent away
  • We're currently looking for additional information regarding bugs! If you have any details related to technical game issues, please make sure to submit them using the Bug Report feature on the upcoming Client releases.

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