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New Class Gear! Medics, Recons, and Juggernauts Gearing Up!
To pair with the previous Class update, the Black Market Dealers have just stockpiled a bunch of new Class Gear. Check below for the latest Medic, Recon, and Juggernaut-themed sets! To acquire this Gear, simply build up Class Tokens while playing as each specific Class and then turn them and some Nodes into your local Black Market Dealer. Remember, this Gear cannot be Traded, only earned through dedicated play using each Class!

Expect a 20 minute downtime tomorrow (9/4/13) at 11AM (CST) for this new batch of Class Gear.

Medic Gear

  • Medic Agent Armor - 400 Medic Tokens, 560 Node Pieces
  • Medic Knife - 500 Medic Tokens, 625 Node Pieces
  • Medic Shotgun - 500 Medic Tokens, 625 Node Pieces
  • Medic Hat - 750 Medic Tokens, 750 Node Pieces

Recon Gear

  • Recon Kevlar Armor - 400 Recon Tokens, 560 Node Pieces
  • Recon Blade - 500 Recon Tokens, 625 Node Pieces
  • Recon Rifle - 500 Recon Tokens, 625 Node Pieces
  • Recon Helmet - 750 Recon Tokens, 750 Node Pieces

Juggernaut Gear

  • Juggernaut Cyber Armor - 400 Juggernaut Tokens, 560 Node Pieces
  • Juggernaut Razor Knuckles - 500 Juggernaut Tokens, 625 Node Pieces
  • Juggernaut Shield Knuckles - 500 Juggernaut Tokens, 625 Node Pieces
  • Juggernaut Helmet - 750 Juggernaut Tokens, 750 Node Pieces

Mafioso Swag 3

The last batch of Mafioso swag rounds out the armors with the new Cyber Armor swag. Just make sure to pick this stuff up before it turns into a riot. (Sale starts 9/4/13 and ends 9/18/13)

Zoot Suit Cyber Armor

Who's that whisperin' in the trees?
Functions as normal Cyber Armor
Cost: 475 Credits

Mafioso Throwing Knives

Switchblade shurikens? Sure, why not!?
Functions as normal Throwing Knives

Cost: 500 Credits

Mafioso Cane Blade

Deadly and practical.
Functions as a normal Blade
Cost: 525 Credits

Mafioso Knuckle Dusters

Puncture. Punch. Punch-ure?
Functions as a normal Knuckles
Cost: 550 Credits

Zoot Fedora

You too could be "one cool cat."
Functions as a Hat
Cost: 600 Credits

Additional Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Raptor Pounce causing Players to become stuck
  • Medic "Bandage" can be Quickslotted
  • Recon "Re-center" can be Quickslotted
  • We're currently looking for additional information regarding bugs! If you have any details related to technical game issues, please make sure to send them to!

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