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New Hat Rankings to Keep Heads Covered!
We hope you're ready to jump into earning new Rankings because tomorrow's the day! You've voted on the new Hats you wanted to see and now it's time to duke it out over them. As we're also gearing up to add some new Classes, there's a few slight tweaks to existing Classes. You'll also want to make sure to head over to the Forums and weigh in on new Classes if you have some designs in mind!

Expect a 20 minute downtime tomorrow (8/7/13) at 11AM (CST) signal the calm before the ranking storm.

New Hat Rankings

The four Hats have been picked by the community and are primed for competition. It's time to get those Tech Earning/Mission/Foundry/Anti-Apex boots strapped on if you want to be among the first to earn these new emblems of achievement!

Tech Specialist Helmet
  • Awarded for Most Mafia Tech Generated in a Single Week

Street Agent Hat
  • Awarded for Missions Completed in a Single Week (1 Point per Mission Level)

Computer Virus Hat
  • Awarded for Most Foundry Raids Completed in a Single Week

Anarchist's Bandana
  • Awarded for Most Apex Influence Removed in a Single Week

Class Balance Tweaks

  • As we're looking to add new Classes to the game and have all the old and new ones viewed as solid options, we're making a few minor balance changes
  • Based on Player Feedback on the Forums, Rifle/Shotgun Damage has been lowered a tad and Enforcers are receiving a situational speed boost
  • Not a fan of the changes? Feel free to head over to the above thread and share your arguments as we're always interested in keeping the Classes balanced
  • Rifles have received a "less than a point" reduction against the three Armor types
    • Rifles now deal 6.8 Damage against Agent Armor (Down from 7.3)
    • Rifles now deal 3.7 Damage against Kevlar Armor (Down from 4.1)
    • Rifles now deal 2.2 Damage against Cyber Armor (Down from 2.5)
  • Shotguns now deal 7.1 Damage against Agent Armor (Down from 7.6)
  • Enforcer Speed Boost
    • Level 2: +5 Speed with Cyber Armor when HP < 50%
    • Level 4: +10 Speed with Cyber Armor when HP < 35%
    • Level 5: +15 Speed with Cyber Armor when HP < 25%

Mafioso Swag

We've heard some requests recently for swag to better represent "the family." Just make sure you get this stuff before it winds up on trial. (Sale starts 8/7/13 and ends 8/21/13)

Switchblade Knife

What makes you think I won't cut you!?
Functions as a normal Knife
Cost: 475 Credits

Baseball Bat [Hammer]

Swing for the fences.
Functions as a normal Hammer
Cost: 500 Credits

Pinstripe Kevlar Suit/Skirt

Really? You're going outside dressed like that instead of this?
Functions as normal Kevlar Armor
Cost: 525 Credits

Mafioso Rifle

The family has one way of dealing with it's enemies.
Functions as a normal Rifle
Cost: 550 Credits

Feathered Fedora

Just make sure you earn that feather in your cap.
Functions as a Hat
Cost: 600 Credits

Player Designed Class Contest

Don't forget we're getting close to new Classes! Make sure to read up on how you can enter the Class Design Contest and potentially see your design in the game while getting a bundle of Credits to boot! There's only two days left to submit your designs. There's already a number of fantastic options. So keep in mind we'll only be able to select 3 per Armor Type, but it's worth a shot to enter!

Additional Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Mutants no longer exhibit frantic behavior when Companion Abilities are used on them
  • Proper Text added to the Message when Mafia's change their Name
  • Issues some were having preventing the us of Name Change Datapads have been resolved
  • Fixed some issues caused by Stickying certain Items
  • Fixed a case where Robo-Rex would disappear during the final fight
  • Correctly added the Global Chat Message when Mafias are Destroyed
  • Fixed a case where the Raptor Companion would not trap their target on a Pounce
  • Can no longer "double up" on Laser Pulse attacks
  • Added a large number of performance improvements and performance tracking utilities

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