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New Hats Announced! Class Design Contest!
There's two exciting announcements making their debut today! The first of which comes in the form of new Hat Rankings. Chosen by the Players, we're turning the most voted on Hats from this poll into new Rankings.

Hat Ranking Poll

We originally said we'd pick the top 3, but after such a close race we're looking to do the top 4, instead! Check out the new Hats below!

Tech Specialist Helmet
  • Awarded for Most Mafia Tech Generated in a Single Week

Street Agent Hat
  • Awarded for Missions Completed in a Single Week

Computer Virus Hat
  • Awarded for Most Foundry Raids Completed in a Single Week

Anarchist's Bandana
  • Awarded for Most Apex Influence Removed in a Single Week

Class Design Contest

In continuing with our efforts to bring Parallel Mafia's content creation straight to Player hands, we're organizing a new Contest where you get to come up with the new Classes! To submit a design, simply head over to the Forums and fill out the information below. After one week of submissions, we'll take a look at all the Class designs, balance them and redesign them to fit the system better, and pick out 3 Agent Armor, 3 Kevlar Armor, and 3 Cyber Armor Classes for the entire Community to vote on in the next poll! One Class of each type will win. If your Class wins, you'll get 2500 Credits as a prize!

If you have a new Class in mind, entering is simple. Just head over to the thread at the bottom of this post and make sure to include these pieces of information about the Class.
  • Class Name
  • Class Description
  • Armor Type
  • Weapon(s) Focus
  • Level 1 through 5 Bonuses
Please keep in mind that we will be selecting Classes to use as a base and reserve the right to redesign various parts of them before voting occurs.
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