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PocketGamer - PerBlue doubles up releasing location-based RPG Parallel Mafia for Android and iOS
April 5, 2012
Location-based mobile games are a sector that's seeing plenty of innovation. And one of the leading outfits is US startup PerBlue.
Free Apps Arcade - Parallel Mafia Review
April 4, 2012
If you asked the iOS gaming community as a whole to design its ideal game, you would end up with Parallel Mafia. Global conquest? Check. Mafia theme? Check. Player vs. player combat? Social hierarchy? A black market for trading endless weapons and items? Check, check, check. - Parallel Mafia on iPhone: Mafia Wars meets Blade Runner in your phone
April 4, 2012
Based on our first look at the game, Parallel Mafia is essentially Parallel Kingdom if its inhabitants walked through a Stargate and came out in the year 2157 or something. Your goal in Parallel Mafia is simple: gain influence and control by any means necessary.
Inside Social Games - Parallel Mafia bringing the future of organized crime to mobile devices
April 3, 2012
Parallel Mafia, a new social location game for iOS and Android devices lets players establish a criminal empire in a cyberpunk future. Parallel Mafia casts players as future criminals and gang members, staking out territories of real world cities they occupy.
GameZebo - Parallel Mafia Preview
March 28, 2012
For a portable game, there is no lack of depth in gameplay. Picking up the ball that is so often dropped in attempting to create a mafia game title, PerBlue carries it to new lengths, adding a crafting system that benefits as much from random drops as it does from premium purchases. There is also a fairly lengthy skill tree that is made up of augments that players will aim to improve as they continue on their journey to control their turf.
Massively - MMObility: Parallel Mafia is not a typical Mafia game
March 16, 2012
For a location-based game that is usually played on a handheld device, the game looks pretty cool... it's clear to me that Parallel Mafia shows just how much the developers have pushed the graphics. I could easily picture the game eventually looking like a futuristic Ultima Online, animations and all. Don't worry; the game isn't just some new form of that old Mafia Wars series of titles that drove so many of us nuts years ago. In this mafia game, a new player is thrown into a world as big as the real one. It's a persistent world with chat, player-to-player trading, and everything you might find in a standard three-dimensional MMO.
TouchGen - GDC: Parallel Mafia Preview
March 9, 2012
The people who brought you the GPS-fueled Parallel Kingdom are bringing their little friend along this time...
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