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Not Just Another Mafia Game
In a crime-ridden futuristic world there is only chaos, corruption, and Mafia control. Rise up and conquer your world in this location-based RPG. Earn reputation points by completing jobs, mastering crooked skills and constructing business fronts while avoiding the heat. Tech-up with the latest cyborg technologies and spread your influence to become the next great Mafia Boss.
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Create Your Mob Persona
The perfect crime requires the perfect criminal. Customize your face, choose your gear, and even augment your body itself to become the ultimate underworlder. Whether you transform yourself into a hulking, mechanical monstrosity to crush your opponents or don a sleek business suit to deal your way out of any situation, you’ll have hundreds of thousands of combinations at your disposal.
Complete Jobs
You aren’t just a static selection of face, gear and augments. Level up by completing jobs, from robbing businesses to knocking out thugs. You can fight, cheat or steal your way straight to the top. As you play, you’ll grow, become stronger, and gain access to more advanced equipment and upgrades. Eventually, you’ll be a veritable master of crime.
Parallel Mafia Items
Build Fronts
Once you’ve gained a measure of power, you’ll be able to exert your influence over the area around you. Conquer fronts in your hometown or city, then knock on their door to extort them for “protection money.” Eventually, you’ll be able to walk down the street with your hands held out and collect cash.
Earn a Reputation
Gangster with a golden heart or iron-fisted tyrant? In Parallel Mafia, you can become either one. Your actions will define your reputation. Climbing the ladder, completing jobs, and kicking ass will take you to the number one spot! Compete to take your abilities to the leaderboards, where you can compare your progress and achievements against others worldwide!
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